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A son of Kenya, Sen. Ledama is a results-oriented leader with a proven track-record in attracting investments to promote social development and economic growth.  A dynamic and persuasive communicator, Ledama has used his training in political science and communications to contribute to the current discourse on Kenyan politics and development through a weekly column in the Star (Weekend Edition) and his recent campaign for Governor of Narok County.

Born to Meiteganyu OleNchoshoi and Siminta Enole Torome, Ledama grew up in Narok.  His maternal grandfather James Ole Torome fought in the 1st and 2nd World War and worked as an engineer for the British colonial government.  Raised by his parents and his grandfather, with whom he spent most of his school holidays taking care of the family cows and goats, Ledama attended Olesankale Primary School and Narok High School.  Following his graduation in 1993, Ledama was employed as an assistant producer for Reuters, African Journal, a weekly news and current affairs TV programme based in Nairobi.

Determined to continue his studies, Ledama worked his way through college in the US, where heearned joint Bachelor degrees in political science and communications at the University of Massachusetts in Boston and Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. During the school summer vacations, Ledama travelled to London where his lifetime mentor and adopted Welsh father, Gerrard Williams, helped him find jobs as a researcher working for Diverse Productions, Educational Television Network and European Business News in London.

In May 1999, Ledama became the first Kenyan-Maasai ever to walk across the United States of America to raise awareness on the need for quality education.  This first walk took him from Durango, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona, where he walked over 565 miles (909 Kilometers) dressed in his traditional clothes. His goal was, and still is, to create a university in Kenya.  Ledama’s second walk took him from Boston to Chicago, totalling 1,765 miles (2826 kilometres), during which he often walked up to 80 kilometres a day.

Senator, Narok County, Political Scientist, Farmer, A Father of three lovely kids, environmentalist and a business conciliator, mediator and consultant

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