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My Personal Bills:

  1. Retirement-Benefits-DP-Designated-State-Officers-Am.-Bill-2017-Draft2.1-Forwarded-to-GP-1-1.pdf (128 downloads)
  2. 28-county-oversight-Bill-formatted.pdf (131 downloads)
  3. The-County-Planning-Roads-Pavements-and-Parking-Bays-Bill-2018-1.pdf (132 downloads)


My Voting Record on Other Bills:


    July 11th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 4 OF 2018] – This ACT of Parliament to provide a general framework for effective public participation; to give effect to the constitutional principles of democracy and participation of the people under Articles 1(2), 10(2), 35, 69(1)(d), 118, 174(c) and (d), 184(1)(c), 196,201(a) and 232(1)(d) of the Constitution; and for connected purposes.
  • National_Flag_Emblems_and_Names_Amend_Act_2017_Full.pdf (131 downloads)
    June 21st 
     -This ACT of Parliament to amend the National Flag, Emblems and Names Act to allow members of the public to fly the National Flag in their places of residence, work and business; and for connected purposes.
  • Office_of_the_county_Attorney_Bill.pdf (125 downloads)
    June 20th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 3 OF 2018] – This ACT of Parliament is to establish the Office of the County Attorney; provide for the functions and powers of the County Attorney; provide for the discharge of duties and the exercise of powers of the County Attorney; and for connected purposes.
  • The_Office_of_the_County_Printer_Bill_2018.pdf (122 downloads)
    June 14th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 7 OF 2018] – This ACT of Parliament is to establish the office of the county printer in each county; to provide for the functions, mandate, management and administration of the office; and for connected purposes.
  • CountyGovernments_RetirementSchemeBill_2018.pdf (122 downloads)
    June 13th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 6 OF 2018] – This ACT of Parliament to establish the County Governments’ Retirement scheme for persons in the County Government Service and for connected purposes.
  • DivisionofRevenue_Amendment_Bill_2018.pdf (121 downloads)
    June 13th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 14 OF 2018] – This ACT of Parliament to amend the Division of Revenue Act, No. 1 of 2018, to provide for additional conditional allocations to the county governments for financial year 2018/2019; and for connected purposes.
  • The_County_Allocation_of_Revenue_Bill_2018.pdf (119 downloads)
    May 30th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 11 OF 2018] – This ACT of Parliament to provide for: the equitable allocation of revenue raised nationally among the county governments for the 2018/2019 financial year; the responsibilities of national and county governments pursuant to such allocation; and for connected purposes.
  • CountyGovernments_Amendment_Bill_2018.pdf (115 downloads)
    May 29th 
     – [No.2] [SENATE BILLS NO. 7 OF 2017] – This ACT of Parliament to amend the County Governments Act to provide for additional qualifications of the chairperson of a county public service board; and for connected purposes.
  • Warehouse_receipt_bill_2017.pdf (122 downloads)
    March 7th 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 10 OF 2017] – This ACT of Parliament to provide a legal framework for the development and regulation of a warehouse receipt system for agricultural commodities, the establishment of the Warehouse Receipt System Council and for connected purposes.
  • Urban_areas_and_cities_bill_2017.pdf (113 downloads)
    Feb 22nd 
     – [SENATE BILLS NO. 4 OF 2017] – This ACT of Parliament to amend the Urban Areas and Cities Act, 2011 and for connected purposes.

Against [No]

  • Irrigation_Bill-_National_Assembly.pdf (131 downloads)
    [SENATE BILLS NO. 5 OF 2017] – This ACT of Parliament to provide for the development, management and regulation of irrigation, to support sustainable food security and socioeconomic development in Kenya, and for connected purposes.

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